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Open TT 1st October Supported by Sunday Club Clothing
28   Riders   turned   up   from   38   sign   ups   to   brave the   less   than   favourable   conditions.   The   P337 course   record   was   smashed   by   James   Boyman of   Hoops   Velo,   with   a   very   impressive   time   of 22m   05s   on   our   sporting   course.   Our   hearts went   out   to   Michelle   Walter   of   Bournemouth Arrows,   as   she   suffered   a   puncture   just   before the   start,   but   didn’t   give   in   and   took   the   late start    penalty    to    still    compete!    The    Tornado would   like   to   thank   Sunday   Club   Clothing   for supporting    the    event    and    for    Estrella    Bikes   displaying some of their awesome machinery.
23rd August Club 10 TT A new course record is set
The    club    10    TT    league    came    to    an    end    this evening   and   a   new   course   record   was   set   by Graham    Knight    of    JCA    Equipe    Velo,    a    very impressive   performance   and   a   super   fast   2nd lap!     Congratulations     to     Matt     Downer     for winning      the      club      league      this      year      and Congratulations   to   Richard   Wyeth   for   finishing the   season   as   the   fastest   Tornado   rider,   setting a time of 25m 21s. We   will   be   back   for   more   in   2018   from   April through      to      August,      exact      dates      to      be confirmed.
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National TT Thruxton 15th October Two Tornado’s go sub 30 minutes
Two     Tornado's     reported     at     Thruxton     race circuit   this   morning,   for   the   RTTC   National   TT event.    The    back    section    of    the    circuit    was unpleasant   with   quite   a   headwind,   which   got worse   by   the   lap!   Mission   accomplished   for   sub 30    minutes    of    the    11.4    mile    course.    Adrian Watkins   beat   his   previous   best   with   an   official time   of   29m   56s   and   Richard   Wyeth   with   a   time of   28m   36s.   We   certainly   weren't   last   on   the lists,   out   of   all   participants   (270,   with   3   DNF's) Adi   was   191st   and   Rich   159th.   A   brilliant   job   all round.
Thank You UK CYCLING EVENTS! A lot of Power Bar!
The   club   was   feeling   very   lucky   and   excited   on 5th    January,    when    we    received    a    very    kind donation    from    UK    Cycling    Events!    We    have been   given   a   car   load   of   Power   Bar   products   to distribute    to    our    members.    So    if    you    are    a member   of   our   club   you   will   be   receiving   quite a   bit   of   Power   Bar   in   your   membership   packs! Not   a   member?   Join   up   fast   before   stock   goes, your   £20   membership   gets   you   product   worth much more than that!
ESTRELLA BIKES 5 * Bikes and 5 * Service
Estrella   Bikes   are   top   quality   machines   with   many years    of    cycling    and    engineering    experience.    If you   are   in   the   market   for   a   new   bike,   look   no further, you get professional service. Follow this   link   to see the latest deals in January.
Thank You For Our Samples Membership Packs
The    club    would    like    to    thank    the    following companies      for      supplying      us      with      some fantastic    samples    for    our    2018    membership packs. MUC OFF VELOPAC VELO-FRESH CLIF BAR Thank you so much, we really appreciate it!