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Tornado members regularly ride in Sportives, Charity Rides, Audax and Time Trials.

Within the club we have quite a variety of experience, with riders having ridden many types of event. These include:

Some of our riders also race, with numerous events coming in 2017.

Our members often enter events together, we are always happy to ride as a group. Given the diverse range of events covered, our riders are always happy to share their experiences and help anyone out who is thinking of signing up for any events.

Whilst many of our riders raise money for various charities throughout the year, we also host our own club event. Previous years have seen us take to our turbo’s to cover certain distances. However as this formula has been done several times now, we have decided to alter our challenge. 2017 will see us take on Bulbarrow until we have collectively climbed the same ascent as Mount Everest, 29,000ft+. This is only open to our club members and is a club team event. Look out for more details on our website later this year.

Don’t be shy, come and join our club, it’s a great family and you’ll enjoy plenty of riding!